Mike Seegert

Project Manager/Partner

Mike Seegert is Project Manager/Partner at Modern Building Company. He has been with Modern since 2014. Mike likes to think that he’s continuing the construction legacy his family started two generations ago. His father and grandfather were both in construction and therefore he got an early start. Summers and any time off school, including weekends were spent working on the job site. It was a family affair. Being the youngest, in a family of 8, he clearly remembers getting blisters on his hand as a five year old from breaking off snap ties from a recently placed foundation. Mike learned how to toe-nail floor joist at age 12 and at age 15 he started working at Modern as a laborer. Years later he still loves the daily grind that is constant in the construction industry. We’re not just contractors, we are builders who take pride in everything we do.

Life is good! Mike has three beautiful daughters that can’t wait to see him at the end of every day and his wife Jennifer, makes it all possible. These days it’s all about them and enjoying a good softball game or checking out the new dance routine put together by his toddlers. He thinks that the whole “work life balance” thing is never mastered and it’s better to accept that this time of life is just somewhat organized chaos!